The Second Meeting on Donor Coordination in the Western Balkans, organized by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat, took place in Sarajevo on 23 March 2016. Getting a better understanding of regional donor interventions and helping align those interventions with region’s needs, were in the focus of this meeting.

In addition to the donors and implementing agencies, the meeting brought together the governments from the Western Balkans, regional organisations, international financial institutions and other international agencies. The meeting has been opened by the RCC Secretary General, Goran Svilanovic.

The meeting was a series in actions taken by the RCC and its partners in implementing the South East Europe (SEE) 2020 Strategy. Also, it was an opportunity to exchange information between the donors, governments, regional structures, international financial institutions and other stakeholders involved in regional interventions in the Western Balkans and to come up with proposals for effective coordination mechanisms on the regional level. 

The coordination with donors, international financial institutions and international organizations remains crucial in boosting aid effectiveness and developing capacities in the Western Balkans.