Youth Lab Project established procedures and prepared documentation necessary for deploying Technical Assistance to meet the needs of national administrations and Capacity Building to meet the needs of youth organizations. Up to now, concrete support has been requested 23 times in order to address the immediate needs of the beneficiaries.
Technical Assistance, requests for support have been provided for:

  • Capacity building of the civil servants who administer youth services at local level for public administration in Montenegro;
  • Preparation of analytical report to provide informed decision making with regards to youth participation mechanisms while drafting new legislation for Kosovo* public administration;
  • Development of National Youth School to Job Transition (NYSJT) Roadmap for Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth of Albania (ongoing);
  • Development of comprehensive policy study that maps all existing youth policies with particular focus on NEET for Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport,  Government of Kosovo*;
  • Development of Research on youth entrepreneurship, NEET employability, and youth career management skills in Serbia for Ministry of Youth and Sports;
  • Development of Law amendments on Law on Youth for Montenegrin Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport;
  • Development and co-creation of amendments of Law on Employment and Insurance in Case of Unemployment for the Government of North Macedonia;
  • Development of Report on Youth Guarantee in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Road to Better Youth Employment;
  • Development of National Programme for Youth Mental Health Promotion in Youth Services at the local level in Montenegro,
  • Development of an assessment on Youth Mental Health services in Albania and draft Youth Component for the Albanian National Mental Health Action Plan 2023-2026,
  • Creation of a Coordination Body for Youth Mental Health within the Ministry of Health in Serbia,
  • Creation of a framework for development and implementation of promotional and preventive activities in the area of Mental Health intended for young people aged 14 to 18 in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Development of Youth Mental Health Strategy in North Macedonia,
  • Creation of an Administrative Instruction Amendment on Mental Health, development of a Standardized test of School Psychologists and creation of a Research on Psychological Well-being of Young People in Kosovo*.

Requests for Capacity Building support have been submitted and provided by WBYL to:

  • Development of Communication and Outreach Strategy for National Youth Council in North Macedonia to address issues of strategic communication of the organization,
  • Development of Strategic Plan of Youth Network of Montenegro for the period 2021 – 2025;
  • Development of Strategic Plan of National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) for the period 2022 – 2025;
  • Online Capacity Building Programme for members of youth organizations across the WB6 region: “From Idea to Meaningful Impact”;
  • Organization of Youth Regional Meeting gathering 17 representatives of National Youth Councils and Umbrella Organizations from all six economies in the region;
  • Capacity Building training for National Youth Congress of Albania and Municipality of Tirana for implementation of the European Youth Capital 2022;
  • Organization of Youth Regional Meeting- Youth Alert, gathering 12 representative of regional Youth National Councils and Umbrella Organizations, designed as a sequel of the first Youth Regional Meeting;
  • Development of National Youth School to Job Transition (NYSJT) Roadmap for three organizations in Albania that are members of Youth Policy Lab as complementary to technical Assistance (ongoing);
  • Development of raising – awareness campaign in three areas of youth employability for the National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) (ongoing);
  • Development of media campaign “Youth Dialogue” for National Youth Network of Montenegro, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and EU Delegation to Montenegro (ongoing);
  • Development of organizational chart of the Secretariat, by introducing and specifically shaping certain programs in youth unemployment advocacy, as per the recommendation of the WBYL North Macedonia Working Group for National Youth Council of Macedonia;
  • Support the creation of Youth Mental Health Toolkit and organization of National Conference on Youth Mental Health;
  • Development of an Outreach Strategy and Media Campaign on Raising Awareness about Mental Health Importance in Montenegro;
  • Conducting a Youth Mental Health Needs Assessment on the Local Level in Serbia and Development of the Social Media Campaign on the Importance of Youth Mental Health;
  • Strengthen capacities of Kosovar Youth Council and organisations in internal documentation regulation, activity management, PR and social media management and project/proposal writing,
  • Organisation of Youth Civil Society Forum on Mental Health in North Macedonia.
  • Writing an amendments on Law on Youth of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Creation of a Report on the State of Youth Organizing,
  • Create a Youth Mental Health Toolkit to provide information and coping strategies around common struggles that affect mental health in Albania,
  • Creation of Promotional Campaign of the Methodological Framework for Mental Health of Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.