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16 JUN 2008

RCC Secretary General and Moldovan President meet over priorities of the organization

CHISINAU/SARAJEVO – The Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), Hido Biscevic, started today his two-day visit to the Republic of Moldova to discuss future RCC work and priorities during the country's Chairmanship of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP).

The meeting between Vladimir Voronin, President of the Republic of Moldova, and Secretary General Biscevic focused on the situation in the region. "We confirmed the joint interest to strengthen regional cooperation, although we recognize differing view among South Eastern Europe (SEE) countries on certain outstanding issues", said Bisevic.

During the visit, the Secretary General will hold talks with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice, Economy and Education of the Republic of Moldova. He will take part in the international conference on regional cooperation opportunities, challenges and synergy, along with other SEE leaders and representatives of international organizations.

This is the first visit of Secretary General Biscevic to the Republic of Moldova since it took over the SEECP Chairmanship from Bulgaria last month. The discussion on RCC priorities concentrated on the conclusions of the May SEECP Summit in the Bulgarian town of Pomorie and on the agenda of the new Moldovan Chairmanship.

Read about the RCC strategy at and priorities of the SEECP Chairmanship of the Republic of Moldova at

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