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11 OCT 2008

Pragmatic solutions needed to place Kosovo within RCC scope of work, says organization’s Secretary General in Berlin

BERLIN/SARAJEVO – The role of the RCC is to encourage the countries in Southeast Europe to strengthen mutual cooperation on concrete developmental projects of interest to all the peoples in the region, said RCC Secretary General Hido Biscevic at an international conference held in Berlin yesterday.

“In doing so, the RCC, as a constructive player, preserves neutrality in open political issues and existing differences among the states in Southeast Europe,” added Biscevic. “The remaining status issues need to be resolved quickly and the reform pace must be accelerated, so that the region avoid stagnation and remain in full focus of the European Union and international community, in light of new challenges in international relations.”

The conference “Kosovo – 120 Days after the Constitution's Adoption“, organized by the German Federal Foreign Office and Sudosteuropa-Gesellschaft organization, gathered high level representatives from Southeast Europe, the European Union and international organizations engaged in Southeast Europe.

The participants assessed that, in order to enhance stability in Kosovo and the region, it was necessary to speed up EULEX deployment throughout Kosovo, maintaining the adequate role of UNMIK, in line with the UN Security Council resolution 1244. They also highlighted a need for a strong engagement of Kosovo authorities in building institutional capacities, in order to enhance the rule of law and establish an efficient, functional democratic state.

The conference participants called for a realistic and pragmatic relationship between Belgrade and Pristina, which is essential for the security and peaceful life of all people in Kosovo, especially the members of minority communities.

During the conference, Secretary General Biscevic was received by the Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office, Gernot Erler, who expressed full support to a balanced and pragmatic work of the RCC. The two officials agreed on the importance of strengthening the mechanisms of cooperation between the RCC and the European Commission. Secretary General Biscevic invited Minister Erler to visit the RCC Secretariat in Sarajevo, which the Minister accepted.

A version in Bosnian language is available HERE.

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