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14 MAY 2009

RCC Board accepts the organization's 2008 Annual Report on regional cooperation in South East Europe

SARAJEVO – The 29 members of the Board of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) accepted in Sarajevo today the 2008 Annual Report of the RCC Secretary General on regional cooperation in South East Europe.

While presenting the document, the RCC Secretary General Hido Biscevic stressed that in the first year since its establishment the RCC managed to focus activities on initiating, developing and facilitating concrete projects against the challenging background of political situation in the region, adverse effects of the current economic and financial crisis, the natural gas supplies shortages and other impeding challenges.

“The RCC constantly worked on the enhancement of cooperation in South East Europe with emphasis on tangible project-oriented activities aimed at contributing to economic recovery and furthering of concrete cooperation with the European Union and other organizations, international financial institutions and regional partners”, said Biscevic.

Secretary General Biscevic also presented his regular quarterly report on the activities of the RCC Secretariat to the members of the Board, which is available HERE. The Annual Report will be available at the RCC website later today.

The RCC Board meets quarterly and provides the RCC with operational guidance and supervision. It consists of those RCC members contributing to the budget of the RCC Secretariat as well as the European Union, represented by the Troika, consisting of the EU Presidency, the European Commission and the Council Secretariat.

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