RCC Secretariat presents its mission, priorities and activities to European and Euro-Atlantic institutions in Brussels

23 June 2009

BRUSSELS/SARAJEVO – Experts of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat presented today the mission, priorities and activities of the organization to representatives of European and Euro-Atlantic institutions active in Brussels. The event took place in the premises of the RCC Secretariat’s Liaison Office.

The presentation's aim was to bring the RCC work closer to a wider circle of Brussels officials, diplomats, business sector, civil society and the media, inform all relevant actors of RCC’s regional cooperation efforts in South East Europe (SEE), and receive feedback from regional stakeholders and international donors on their interests and priorities.

The participants were welcomed by RCC Secretary General, Hido Biscevic, and Head of the Brussels Liaison Office, Stanislav Daskalov. More detailed presentations were delivered by Deputy Secretary General and Head of Expert Pool, Jelica Minic, as well as experts on economic and social development, infrastructure and energy, justice and home affairs, security cooperation, building human capital, and parliamentary cooperation.

“Over the past year, the RCC has profiled itself as a key partner of the European Union and the international community for issues related to regional cooperation and development in South East Europe”, said Biscevic.

“By strengthening regional cooperation, SEE sends a clear message on its preparedness to move forward on the European agenda. This is particularly important in the context of the current political climate and the effects of the global economic and financial crisis on the region.”

The RCC experts presented the organization's achievements and plans, and elaborated on how the advancement of the RCC members from SEE on the European and Euro-Atlantic integration path has increased potentials and readiness for regional cooperation.

The event follows a series of presentations across SEE delivered in 2008/2009. Close to 1,000 representatives of national administrations, business sector, civil society and the media were presented with the RCC work in Chisinau, Sofia, Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje, Zagreb, Athens, Ankara, Sarajevo, Tirana and Pristina.