Research and Innovation

Through innovation to economic recovery and sustainability


  • Research systems which foster innovation
  • Robust innovation ecosystems in the Western Balkans
  • Integration of Open Science principles,
  • Mapping and opening research infrastructures
  • Removal of obstacles to mobility of researchers within WB6 and between WB6 and the EU
  • Provide coordinated personalised information and services to researchers, and capacity building to and networking of EURAXESS offices in South East Europe


  • Open Science and Open Access Policies and Instruments introduced in the Western Balkans
  • Regional action plan on Open Science facilitated
  • Regional networking of technology transfer offices supported
  • Contributed to increasing EURAXESS capacity
  • Partnered with the World Economic Forum to launch the Western Balkans Competitiveness and Innovation Accelerator

The RCC helps create a more robust research & innovation ecosystem, boost collaboration between academic and business communities, and introduce Open Science policies, assists the regional mapping, usage and networking of research infrastructures, promotes equality in research and innovation, helps launch the Western Balkans Competitiveness and Innovation Accelerator, and enables regional capacity building.

Next steps

  • Coordinate activities in creating more robust regional innovation ecosystem with a view to facilitate introduction of regional innovation schemes aimed at supporting regional innovative projects
  • Facilitate a more dynamic collaboration between academic and business communities
  • Support development and coordination of Open Science policies on access to and preservation of scientific information
  • Assist the regional mapping of research infrastructures
  • Further support harmonisation of policies on access to Research Infrastructures
  • Coordinate regional networking of Research Infrastructures
  • Promote increased participation of women in STEM fields
  • Enable capacity building and regular meetings of the Western Balkans Research & Innovation Working Group and its subgroups

Contact Point

Sinisa Marcic

Sinisa Marcic

Senior Expert on Human Capital Development