More jobs, better jobs


  • Enhance regional cooperation and strengthen institutional capacities of Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services in the Western Balkans


  • Regional Network for Tackling Undeclared work established
  • Mutual learning increased and institutional capacities enhanced
  • Stronger engagement of the Western Balkans in the EU employment and social policies supported
  • Capacities of Public Employment Services strengthened
  • Demand-driven technical assistance provided to national administrations

The RCC supports development of inclusive and dynamic labour markets that provide better living conditions for individuals and their families. Building on the structured regional Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP) established in the first phase of the project, in the second phase we continue to address regionally shared structural employment and labour market challenges, including high share of informal work, limited institutional and administrative capacities and the need to modernise labour market institutions and closely connect them with their European peers.


Next steps

  • Support transformation of undeclared work into declared work, pursuing a holistic, integrated strategic approach through cooperation and joint action, mutual learning and improved knowledge
  • Support the improved design, evaluation and implementation of employment measures, with a focus on youth and labour market activation
  • Support modernisation and improvement of the performance of Public Employment Services (PES) in the Western Balkans through mutual learning
  • Analyse labour market trends and keep regional database on labour market indicators  up to date
  • Support harmonisation of labour market policies and reform databases with the EU methodologies and increase exposure of Western Balkan officials from Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services to EU-wide networks and processes


Contact Points

Ilir Deda

Ilir Deda

Expert on Human Capital Development

+387 33 561 720

Sinisa Marcic

Sinisa Marcic

Senior Expert on Human Capital Development

+387 33 561 706

Ivana Petricevic

Ivana Petricevic

Senior Advisor

+32 2 210 50 45