SecuriMeter2023–Public Opinion Survey on Security

SecuriMeter2023–Public Opinion Survey on Security

13 November 2023 | SURVEY

The 2023 SecuriMeter edition, carried out between 14 May and 2 June across Western Balkan economies, successfully engaged with 6,023 respondents. It delves into a plethora of themes, ranging from general security perceptions (Chapter A), the fight against terrorism, organized crime, and border security (Chapter B), to more nuanced topics like the sentiments surrounding gun ownership (Chapter C), irregular immigration and asylum-seeking (Chapter D), emigration intentions influenced by the quality of life and the prevailing political situation (Chapter E). Furthermore, it addresses disaster prevention and preparedness (Chapter F), challenges posed by disinformation and cyber threats (Chapter G), pervasive issues of corruption (Chapter H), and ongoing aggression by Russia against Ukraine (Chapter I). The repercussions of the latter have cast a long shadow over our region, manifesting in cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, and "weaponization of energy," all of which have tangible impacts on the economic development and well-being of Western Balkans citizens.

Since the inaugural edition in 2021, our journey with the SecuriMeter has been measuring public sentiment on various security-related challenges in the Western Balkans. Each edition, including this one, builds on the previous, introducing new themes that mirror the changing global scenario and highlighting external and internal factors shaping our security landscape. Our goal is to equip practitioners and governments with insights that can shape informed decisions and evidence-based policies to address emerging challenges.

SecuriMeter 2023 was funded with the support from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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