SEEIC Working Group on Investments is established under the auspices of the RCC and in cooperation with CEFTA, consisting of SEE officers in charge of investment policies, investment promotion, and CEFTA Contact Points, With technical support of the World Bank Group, financial support of the European Commission, and close cooperation with the private sector (Chamber Investment Forum, Foreign Investors Council network) it is the main platform for development, implementation, and monitoring of the Regional Investment Reform Agenda (RIRA) and respective policy reform in three broad areas important for investment environment: investor entry and establishment, investor protection and retention, and investment promotion.

Detailed policies under those three areas are subject to ongoing reform (i.e. business establishment regulations, tax policies, fiscal and financial incentives, intellectual property rights, property ownership, etc.) and harmonization with relevant EU regulations and international best practices, while taking due account of the ongoing individual economy reform priorities stipulated under the Economic Reform Programmes for each one of them. This platform is also in charge of the regional investment promotion programme, designed to outreach potential investors and promote the investment potentials of the region to the global business community.