Working Group on Industrial Policy

Work of the Working Group on Industrial Policy focuses on promoting regional public-private dialogue among the SEE economies and information exchange on economic transformation and diversification as well as on effective industrial policy re-design, and aligning them with the acquis, Fourth Industrial Revolution and with Smart Specialization Strategies (S3).

Important objective is to improve existing and introduce new policy instruments to expand production base.

In this respect, the SEEIC and its Industrial Policy Working Group are working on analysing, designing and coordinating national industrial policies through best practices and information/knowledge sharing. The main objective is upholding the region in pursuing reindustrialisation and increase of industrial competitiveness through introduction of inclusive innovation policies and establishment of regional industrial value chains.

Industrial policy work also addresses issues related to the priority sectors and those related to SME development and entrepreneurship and enhancing innovation performance. It does so by promoting best practice exchange, training in technology transfer but also by encouraging creation of industrial incubators, technology and science parks networks in the region, including “networks of excellence” and technology transfer programmes to facilitate collaboration between research and industry.

It is comprised of the regions' government representatives, private sector and academia networks.