The South East Europe (SEE) Tourism Expert Group (TEG) has gathered the SEE ministries in charge of tourism, national tourism boards, business representatives, and regional partner-organizations such as OECD, CEFTA, SEECEL, ETF, NALAS, USAID, and others, in order to analyse the most challenging factors to the growth of tourism in the SEE region, and work out the means of addressing them.

The SEE TEG focuses its work on:

  1. Creating a joint offer/brand to foster regional integration in the tourism sector and its joint global promotion;
  2. Diversifying tourism offer of the region (i.e. combining adventure routes with historical/cultural routes of the SEE);
  3. Alleviating skills gaps and skills mismatches in the tourism industry;
  4. Easing administrative procedures and improving the level of services related to tourism (local administrations, health, search and rescue, insurance, etc.).