Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM) is established under the auspices of the RCC, consisting of SEE officers and institutions in charge of financial market policies, regulations, as well as operations. With technical support of the World Bank Group, financial support of the European Commission, and close cooperation with the financial market authorities, regulators, and operators, it is the main platform intended for comprehensive and focused approach to the assessment, proposal for development, and implementation and monitoring of the activities pertinent to financial markets diversification in the region. WGFM performs a holistic approach towards greater unlocking the benefits of broader financial sector diversification for boosting growth, jobs and economic convergence, including important areas of capital markets, insurance funds, investment funds, pension funds, venture capital, and others. The work performed encompasses diagnostics of main challenges to financial sector development, preparing adequate measures for addressing those challenges, and ensuring implementation of agreed measures in terms of related policy reform and concrete activities on ground conducive to doing business on the financial market of the region. The ultimate goal of this work is to add value to the efforts of creating dynamic investment environment in the Western Balkans region, provide differentiated means of access to finance to the business in the region, and hence generate higher investment and trade activity.