Regional Conference ‘Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation’

11 June 2018 Vienna, Austria

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) together with Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) and Centre of Public Administration Research (KDZ) is organising a Regional Conference titled ‘Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation’ in Vienna, Austria on 11 June 2018.                             

The event aims at increasing awareness on the regional standards in the field of public participation in policy-making process, highlighting the significance of the recently adopted Western Balkans Recommendation on Public Participation in achieving Better Regulation.

The Conference will look into all aspects of public participation, putting in the spotlight the communication tools and the targeted approach for an effective public campaign to get people engaged in decision-making process. The RCC will use this opportunity to present its public information materials on participation of public in policy-making for the Western Balkans that is to animate the public to get engaged in this process: the Recommendation leafletVideo and Brochure.

It will get together heads of units from ministries of justice, ministries in charge of public administration, ministries/governmental offices in charge of European Integration, as well as Center of Government institutions and their public relations offices from all Western Balkans economies. 

Disclaimer: All views, opinions and accounts included in presentations listed below are those of the authors; their inclusion does not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the RCC.