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Skills and Mobility

Skills and Mobility

We are working towards globally competitive base of knowledge and skills in South East Europe; unhindered movement of people, students, researchers and workforce, allowing for increased employment opportunities and creation of new jobs


  • Open South East Europe
  • Increased employment through effective labour market policies
  • Competitive knowledge and skills base - quality education accessible to all
  • Innovative research and development


  • We brokered agreement between SEE economies on prioritising removal of obstacles to mobility of: doctors of medicine, dentists, architects and civil engineers
  • We started implementation of a 1.5 million EUR project on improving employment policies in SEE
  • We brokered and supported participation of SEE ministries in charge of science in regular EU meetings on open science

This flagship initiative is designed to address some of the main constraints identified during the development of the SEE 2020 Strategy: the restricted mobility in the region; the underdeveloped skills base; the skills mismatch with the labour market needs; and the cumbersome recognition of professional qualifications. It is developed on the premise that the development of education and the improvement of labour force skills are key factors that will underpin future economic recovery, growth of the SEE economies and the restructuring towards knowledge driven economies.

The main components of the Skills and Mobility flagship are:

The RCC team in charge of the flagship

Vanja Ivosevic

Vanja Ivosevic
Senior Expert on Skills and Mobility

Tel: +387 33 561 728
Fax: +387 33 561 701

Flagship Overview