Meet Roma and let them meet you!


On 8 April 2019 the RCC and its Roma Integration project launched this campaign in an effort to continue voicing the necessity of improving the lives and welfare of Roma as equal citizens of our societies

Roma are the largest minority in Europe, yet discrimination against them remains highly prevalent in many aspects of life. For instance, according to the newest 2017 Regional Roma Survey data, there are only 21% employed Roma compared to the 40% of non-Roma living in proximity with Roma, and to the 55% of national employment rate. At the same time 71% Roma are engaged in undeclared work, compared to only 17% of non-Roma.

These striking numbers point to the need to invest in their education, employment, emancipation, empowerment, economic independence, talent and creativity. Roma integration is indeed one of the important priorities for the enlargement region as part of the EU accession process. However, it is also a need for our societies. The exclusion of Roma costs us, while their integration, which indeed requires certain investments, is an investment in our future, in the growth of our economies and the prosperity of our societies. By ensuring equal opportunities for Roma, we are not taking away the opportunities of others, but we are giving back the opportunities to Roma that have been taken away from them through hidden, or even open practices of discrimination, exclusion and marginalization.