Newsletter 15/2011 - Activities in brief

South East Europe makes progress towards Single European Sky

The second conference of the Governing Body for the Implementation of Single European Sky in South East Europe (ISIS Programme) was held in Solin, Croatia, on 7 September 2011. 

The aim of the meeting was for the ISIS Governing Body to review the progress made since the last Governing Body meeting held in Budva, Montenegro, in September 2010, to approve a progress report, validate the content and timelines of the activities launched and provide political guidelines for potential future activities. 

The meeting participants reaffirmed their commitment to achieving the main objectives of the Single European Sky and the implementation of the related legislation and issued recommendation to the competent ministers to extend ISIS Programme to a third phase after 2013.

Jelica Minic, RCC Deputy Secretary General, said in her opening remarks that the ISIS beneficiaries are making progress in reforming the air transport sector by pursuing their national transport strategies and introducing new legislation compliant with the air transport acquis under  the European Common Aviation Area Agreement (ECAAA). 

“However, the fact is that most of the countries are still in the first transitional phase of implementation of the mentioned agreement. Thus, the SEE partners who agreed to the full application of the European Community’s aviation law need to put additional efforts towards the extension of Single European Sky to SEE region in order to fully join the Single Aviation Market.”

The European Commission and the Regional Cooperation Council expressed their commitment to continue to provide the political framework and the appropriate support to conduct the ISIS Programme.

The conference gathered senior SEE officials responsible for air transports as well as representatives of civil and military sectors.  

The event was co-organized by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE).