Newsletter 10/2011 - RCC events calendar

16.03.2011 - 18.03.2011

Ministerial conference: Strengthening Cooperation in Fight against Organized Crime in South East Europe, Budva, Montenegro

This conference will gather ministers of justice and interior from South East Europe, and be organized under the Montenegrin Chairmanship-in-Office of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP).

The event is to adopt a Declaration on strengthening regional cooperation and coordination in the fight against organised crime in the SEECP countries, and to endorse Regional Strategic Document (RSD) on Justice and Home Affairs 2011-2013.          

The Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat has coordinated the process of drafting and adopting the RSD and its Action Plan on justice and home affairs, as one of the most important and ambitious endeavours of the kind ever undertaken in South East Europe.

17.03.2011 - 18.03.2011

Regional meeting: Role of National Parliaments in Negotiations for the EU Accession, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This event, that is to be co-organized by the European Commission Directorate General for Enlargement and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat, will gather Secretary Generals and Chairpersons of the Committees for European Integration of the National Parliaments of the Western Balkans countries and the Republic of Turkey, as well as representatives of relevant international organizations and other stakeholders.

The main goal of the meeting is to create a platform for development of a regional project, which would tackle related issues of joint interest for the respective national parliaments, in compliance with the aspirations of EU candidate and potential candidate countries.

30.03.2011 - 31.03.2011

‘Western Balkans and Europe 2020 – Supporting Convergence and Growth’, Regional Coordination Conference, Brussels, Belgium

The conference is being organized by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat, with the support of European Commission in an effort to bring together representatives of regional organizations, task forces and initiatives with bilateral and multilateral donors, international financial institutions and European Commission representatives.

The Conference will provide regional initiatives with an opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of their activities in contributing to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the region.  Regional Coordination Conference is a continuation of RCC’s efforts, and a step forward in framing regional activities in a way most helpful to Western Balkans countries as they prepare for the obligations of future EU membership.

13.04.2011 - 15.04.2011

7th International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources for South East Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria

The conference will be organized by the ViaExpo with support of the Regional Cooperation Council. Innovative technologies and practices, strong international participation, a lot of new business contacts, many parallel initiatives and discussions – this is what the 7th edition of the International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources for South-East Europe will offer. Germany is again the Strategic partner.

The event will present the latest technology and services from the energy sector and will attract public attention to the benefits of renewable energy use and the different means for energy saving. Group participations from Austria, China, Finland, UK and the USA have already booked exhibition areas.

13.04.2011 - 15.04.2011

‘Save the Planet’ - International Eco Forum on Waste & Water Management, Recycling and Environment, Sofia, Bulgaria

This event, organized by the ViaExpo and supported by the Regional Cooperation Council, with The Netherlands as the strategic partner, combines thematically waste management and recycling branches, water treatment and purification, air and soil preservation. The aim of the event is to stimulate investments in the sectors by presenting the most advanced concepts and technologies. ‘Save the Planet’ will be held parallel to the traditional Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources for South East Europe.

Simultaneous implementation of the two events will attract many specialists and experts from the South East European region. Matchmaking meetings with target company representatives will additionally contribute to the successful participation. The introduction of public-private partnerships in wastewater, waste and recycling sectors opens new opportunities for foreign companies and consultants. The market in these branches needs expertise, technology products and equipment.