Newsletter 4/2010 - RCC events calendar

28.07.2010 - 29.07.2010

Regional Forum of the Sarajevo Film Festival on Future of the Film Industry in South East Europe, Sarajevo, BiH

This year's Regional Forum of the 16th Sarajevo Film Festival is being held with support of the Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat. The event will gather a number of audio-visual professionals from public and private sector from all South East European (SEE) countries, in order to discuss the future of the film making industry in SEE, and create guidelines that would enable its development throughout the region. For more information on this event please contact organizational team of the Sarajevo Film Festival.


Conference on the implementation of Single European Sky in South East Europe, Budva, Montenegro

The conference of the Governing Body for the Implementation of Single European Sky (SES) in South East Europe – (ISIS) Programme will give an overview of activities to be conducted in the region with regards to the implementation of the SES as well as to ensuring the necessary political endorsement from the ISIS Agreement parties to the Programme. The event will be organized by the European Commission (DG Mobility and Transport) and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat. It will bring together representatives of national authorities responsible for air traffic, civil and military affairs in South East Europe.