Newsletter 9/2011 - RCC events calendar

23.02.2011 - 24.02.2011

Seminar on the ‘Role of the Parliaments in the Legislative Processes and in the Oversight of the Governments’, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A two-day parliamentary seminar, organized by the European Parliament in cooperation with the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat, who is hosting the event at its premises in Sarajevo, is to gather members of the Western Balkan parliaments and of the European Parliament.

The purpose of the event will be to discuss a series of important topics related to the role of the parliaments in the legislative process and in the oversight of the governments.


Panel discussion, ‘South East Europe in 2011 and Beyond: Sharing the Same Vision’, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The panel discussion will mark the third anniversary since the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) has been established on 27 February 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The event is to discuss the state of regional cooperation in South East Europe in 2011, the implementation of the RCC Strategy and Work Programme 2011-2013, as well as the RCC role in light of the European Commission’s Enlargement Strategy 2010-2011 and Europe 2020 Strategy. Programme of the event is available HERE.

More information about the event is availble HERE.