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Bregu: Cooperative policies won’t happen unless they have domestic support at home and we commit ourselves to meeting what was promised
04 May 2021

Roaming free Western Balkans Six as of 1 July: Stay Charged, Roam Free!  “1.4 million people in the Western Balkans are registered as unemployed. Out of that number, 760,000 are women, while 173,000 are young people. There are 1 million more men working in the Western Balkans ...

Bregu: While EU and the world are advancing to fit to the Digital Age, we need to run twice as fast to close the discrepancies
02 Nov 2020

Tirana/Sarajevo – “At the last years' Digital Summit in Belgrade we witnessed a success story when the ministers of the Western Balkans (WB) six in charge of information and communication technologies signed the new Regional Roaming Agreement, paving a way for roaming free WB ...